10 Awesome Benefits To NOT Having Sex!

awesome no sex benefits

1) You don’t have to worry about getting a STI or STD. 2) No risk of getting pregnant or of getting someone pregnant. 3) No pressure or expectation to perform. 4) You will be loved for who you are, not READ MORE

What Are Aromantic Struggles?

I know how hard it can be to be a romantic asexual, but aromantics, also struggle too! For example, I know how hard it can be for them to form close relationships, for fear of it being misinterpreted as wanting READ MORE

Asexuals Live and Love Without Sex! And that is Liberating!

Asexuals can live without sex and love without sex. And in a world that is so sex focused, that can be tough. It can also be liberating. I haven’t had sex since 2011 and I am so grateful and thankful READ MORE