Hello, this is a secret page about the world’s first ever online training centre and school for asexuals and asexuality, that will officially launch on July 8th 2018 at the UK Asexuality Conference – as that is when I will introduce it to the world! Well, the people at the conference and anyone who happens to view it and see me or my posts on social media!

But because it’s you and I know how much you love education and learning all about asexuality – I am letting you know my secret and you can get access to the Asexuality Basics for Beginners Course Absolutely free right now! AND IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOURSELF SOME FUTURE DOLLARS – JOIN MY TRIBE FOR FREE, RIGHT NOW, BY CLICKING ON THIS link¬†http://eepurl.com/dz70S1¬†which will also give you instant access to the site!

(You may see the form again on the site too, as it’s set to show in both places!)

I think as it is also #APAM – Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month, it’s the best time to launch with the first course on me! This course is ideal if you have just discovered you are asexual or if your knowledge about the Asexual Spectrum is somewhat lacking. It is the very best time to get stuck in and learn more about asexuality, right now, so what are you waiting for, click here now!