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You can’t be sexy if you are asexual – Asexuality myth busted!

Sky News – Life without sex asexuality documentary – Asexuality Explained
Asexuality stereotypes busted! Heteronormative myths busted

In this Sky News life without sex asexuality documentary, asexuality is explained and asexual stereotypes are busted! Yasmin’s outer appearance when modelling is that of a very sexy, raunchy girl, who oozes sex appeal to many, yet she confesses she is asexual and aromantic; she lacks both sexual and romantic attraction, and she doesn’t pursue romantic relationships. When asked in this life without sex asexuality documentary how her modelling works with her asexuality when she is modelling in this highly sexualised environment, she says, “I’m not trying to sell myself – I’m selling a product”. She goes onto explain she started the #thisiswhatasexuallookslike because there is so many stereotypes surrounding asexuality and “lets give the diversity to asexual people to show who they are’.

You can’t be married, in a relationship, or love someone without sex! – Heteronormative myth busted!

In this documentary there is also a homoromantic guy couple (gay asexuals) Thom and Steve Winter-Gray, who have been married for 18 months. They explain that they both lack sexual attraction, but are romantic, they still like to kiss and cuddle, they just don’t have sex, and it’s more than just a bromance or platonic, it’s love, just they don’t experience sexual attraction and sex is not involved. They make an analogy to people loving their mum, dad, aunt, uncle, dogs, cats, and pets, but when asking people if they would have sex with them, people say no I don’t, and they said that is how it works for them.

Everyone loves sex, feels sexual attraction and wants it! – Heteronormative myth busted!

And finally there is a teenager, Emi Salida, who is a sex repulsed asexual. She explains how she is disconnected to sex and imagining certain people she has known before they get into a sexual relationship in a sexual context “it makes my brain kinda crash a little bit”.
Watch this amazing life without sex asexuality documentary, asexuality explained Sky News documentary!

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