Here are some of the Asexuals I follow on Twitter:

☆ Donna L McGarry ☆


Resident weeb of AngelKat/Cartoonist/Grey-Asexual/Nerd. I draw things and write Twits!



| I am still closeted to most of my friends and family | 19 | Wi | I am a little shy, but feel free to talk to me about anything | ⚾️Softball ⚾️ |

Ace of Spades


Cisgender female, Aromantic Asexual, Libertarian

Kris Smoot


23.  alum. Michigan State University College of Law student. . I tweet about pro wrestling. May or may not be Marina Diamandis. 

Martin 5mart2n

@5mart2n FOLLOWS YOU

ace aesthetics


aesthetics based off the asexual flag colours!!

Amelia Ace


Tumblrina, vlogger and aspiring writer. Expect asexual activism and YA lit.

Toad-WriterPersonProtected Tweets


just me. right here. right now. writing. growing. loving. being ace.

the asexual agenda


we’re queer, we’re not here, we don’t exist, we’re actually invisible

Asexual Pride


I’m a 19-year-old asexual. My goal is to help people like me & generate pride & awareness of asexuality! My tumblr (below) is always open for questions/advice!

Samantha Lynn


Part of the Supernatural and Doctor Who family.   Heteroromatic Demi-grey asexual 

Asexual Agenda


 and proud 

Ace of Spades


Cisgender female, Aromantic Asexual, Libertarian

Aromantic Atom


 awareness/education. Some stupid jokes and a lot of cakes.

Tip – If you are on Twitter and want to connect with other asexuals, just type in the search bar #asexuals #asexuality #asexual – You will discover those who area talking about asexuality and then you can look at their profile bio to see if they say they are ace/asexual.

If you are new to Twitter and want to start a Twitter account of your own that could be about #asexuality, #videogaming, #writing, or just about any other topic you can think of; or if you have already started an account but don’t really get how to use it, then I have written a book that will help you and it’s only $1.40/99p.

It’s a complete Step-By-Step guide I created especially for people who are absolute beginners and have no clue about how to get started or what an @mention or #FF is.  Part of this book has been tested out by my former Twitter students so I know it works!

This book will guide you through every step to get started, get going and get growing with Twitter. In an easy to understand step-by-step format, Social Media Expert Sandra Bellamy teaches you:

How to create your first ever Twitter account
What Twitter is and what it is used for
What a Tweet is and how to send one
How to add a profile and header photo
How to add a short bio with the option to link it to another site
What direct messages are and how to send and reply to one
How to Like, Retweet and Reply to Tweets
How to follow other Tweeters and search for more Followers
What @mentions are and how to use them
What Hashtags (#) are and how to use them
How to unfollow someone or block them
How To Gain More Followers, Likes and Retweets
12 Golden Rules for Getting the Most Out of Twitter

This is the essential guide every Twitter novice won’t want to be without.

By the time I had finished writing this book, I had my twelfth Twitter account. My largest account is my writing one with over 4000 followers at and my continues to regularly accumulate followers, not just fellow asexuals, but those who are writers and entrepreneurs like myself. I have never paid for followers.