Christmas Presents For Asexuals: Asexual Christmas Presents: Asexual Gifts

Are you looking for an Asexual Christmas Present for yourself or an Asexual Christmas Present for others? Whichever it is, you have come to the right place. It is never too early to start planning and budgeting for those asexual READ MORE

Sacrifices Asexuals Make For Sexuals!

Yes, you did read right, Sacrifices Asexuals Make For Sexuals! Not the other way around. How many times have you heard, he, she, they, are making a huge sacrifice by being with you and abstaining from sex, because they care about you and love you? You should be grateful; thankful; look at what they are doing for you!!! It’s not like their penis is going to drop off or their vagina is going to srivel up if they don’t have partnered sex. There is always masturbation, which can be an art form in itself and challenging enough to get yourself good at. So what sacrifices do asexuals make for sexuals?

Asexual Author: Asexuality And My Personal Asexual Story On Straight Up Gay Podcast!

Listen to my interview about Asexuality and my personal Asexual story on the Straight Up Gay Podcast – and no, I am not gay, I am a heteroromatic asexual – attracted to guys (hetero), I don’t want sex, love kissing READ MORE

What It’s Really Like To Be An Asexual With Sexual Behaviour But No Sexual Attraction!

In my Asexual Perspectives book, I say I will not date a heterosexual again as they all need sex in the end. But I did give it a go and dated a heterosexual guy for almost two who months, who READ MORE

Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month Playlist #APAM

In case you missed any of my Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month videos in July – here is the playlist for the whole 31 videos in the series. You will not be disappointed, they are really insightful and helpful in understanding READ MORE


On Monday 31st of July, I had an Asexual Author BBC Radio interview with Graham Torrington. My interview explored my own Asexual Perspectives book personal asexual story and went more in-depth into some of the issues I faced in my READ MORE