Asexuality is a sexual orientation that is the lack of sexual attraction.

This means we don’t get the need, urge, or want, for partnered sexual intercourse!


Hi my asexual friend, how are you?

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My mission is to spread awareness of asexuality around the globe and to get it recognised as a sexual orientation in its own right across the world; so that no asexuals ever have to live in fear of ridicule, ever again.

You may have noticed something different about this site very recently! It now has an asexual shop that is currently under construction at the time of writing this on July 31st 2018!

You may or may not remember, that this site used to have a shop previously incorporated within it? But now, it is an actual shop, rather than having one just incorporated within it. Well, almost, as I am still adding category images and still have some work to do on the aesthetics and certain pages, but 108 products are already in it. I never knew the immense amount of asexual products out there, until I went searching for them for YOU!

These asexual products are selected from and added to the shop here for you, so you have all the best asexual products in the one place! You can add multiple products to your shopping cart, just by clicking add to cart, and you will be automatically redirected to Amazon to checkout, but if the item is not available to be shipped to your country, for example, to the UK, it will not show in your shopping cart on Amazon to prevent any purchases that cannot be fulfilled and shipped to your country. Under each item it has a symbol of a USA flag or British flag, so you can see which items are available just in the USA – such as many of the Asexual T-Shirts you see, but things like the Asexual books you see, can mostly be got in both the USA and UK and globally!

No matter where you live around the world, you can always shop for many asexual products, including asexual T-Shirts, skirts, tops, leggings, and so much more, at my Asexualise Asexual shop on Redbubble, just take a look at the screenshot below and you can see to the left of (some of) my designs, all of the products I sell, from Asexualise Asexual Acrylic Blocks to Asexualise Asexual Wall Tapestries – by clicking here Please note, that prices will vary from Amazon due to different manufacturers, and the prices viewed here are subject to change, so please check out my shop for up-to-date prices!

Because I design these from scratch and own the copyright; if there is a particular design you would like to see; don’t hesitate to let me know. I can’t breach copyright; if it’s a design by someone else, I can’t copy it; but I can hopefully create a new design based on a similar theme or expression.

I am going to be honest with you, and let you know, that if you click through any link in my Asexual shop on this site and you do make a purchase, I may get some monetary compensation for it! This helps to keep this site running, and pay for web hosting and domain renewal (which increase in price every year) so I can continue to bring you ace Asexual resources, inspiration, help, advice and guidance, and keep this blog going! So you get Asexual products all in one place, saving you time trawling through them all on Amazon and I get to keep this site going for you – win/win!

So keep your eyes peeled for a blog post announcing the official launch of this Asexualise Asexual shop, in the meantime, I have tested the shop with the products I already have on it and the shopping cart and checkout, and they are working! So you should be able to go ahead and make your selections! Just remember if you live outside the USA, and you cannot get the item shipped to your country, it will not be added to your Amazon shopping cart and there is currently no way I can get a notice added to pop up on the Amazon site to say this, through the redirect link, it simply won’t add the item/s to your actual shopping cart! If you have problems with this or you have any queries or questions, you can always reach out to me on chat which is available on every page, if I am not there at the time, as I am away producing more content for you, please leave your email and I will get back to you! You can also email me [email protected]  I am also on Facebook at

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Until next time, stay ace!

Sandra xxxx

Sandra Bellamy In Her I ACED IT! Asexualise Asexual T Shirt
This is me (Sandra Bellamy), proud asexual, wearing my I ACED IT! Asexualise Asexual T Shirt.