What is it Like to Date an Asexual if you are Sexual?

can sexuals date asexuals

So most people believe that if you are asexual and won’t have sex with a sexual partner, you should not be with one. I know from my own experience that I cannot date sexuals anymore, because it has not worked numerous times before and it would just would not work out. I even tried it last year as my own Asexual Perspectives book gave me hope that it was possible because a biromantic person is in a relationship with a sexual and they said sex was never an issue! Lucky them. It didn’t work out for me although for reasons other than a lack of sex, but I don’t need that kind of worry and anxiety anymore of what if he were to go get that with someone else, or of if he changed his mind, or if he tried something on – I know he was keen for me to masturbate him and I just wasn’t into that!

I did manage to find these two fabulous videos though, of sexuals who are dating asexuals and don’t seem to mind having a relationship without sex.