There are a fair number of Asexual groups on Facebook and it’s up to you to choose which one’s you would like to join and feel comfortable in. Just remember that you can always leave the group whenever you want and unless a group is ‘secret’, the members of a group can always be seen and if yours is clicked on, it will go through to your profile. In an open group the posts can be seen too, whereas with a closed group, the posts cannot usually be viewed, although the members can.

My two closed Facebook groups are Asexualise Dating For Asexuals only, who specifically want a no sex ever relationship with another asexual! And my Asexual Friends group, that is for making friends, and has a mixture of asexuals all across the spectrum in it from those who don’t want sex and are sex-repulsed to those who don’t mind sex and who are demi-sexual and all those in-between! You will need to answer questions to apply too be in either group!

I also run the Asexual Business, Gurus and Entrepreneurs Group on Facebook and this is currently an open group, meaning that anyone can benefit from what we share, but they can’t join in. Anyone who is asexual can apply to join by requesting and then I will assess suitability and once approved, you will be in the members list and the group. While mosts groups do not encourage you to promote your stuff, this group does. You can share your blogs, vlogs, inspirational posts, websites, poetry and artwork, with links to where to buy it from. Please remember to look in on other’s work, besides posting your own. This is a creative community to support each other. This group is for asexuals only and there are plenty of other business groups on Facebook, that anyone can apply to join.

Here are the groups that I am in:

Asexuals, Sex Repulsed Aces, Antisexuality Aces

Asexual Singles