International Celebrate Being Single Day – Pre-Celebration Why It’s Good To Be Single Quotes!

being single quotes

Here are some quotes I put together about why it’s good to be single! I particular like the last one “I’m single because I was born that way”. I think there is a lot of societal pressure to be in a couple when it simply is not necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life, in fact, so far, my happiest times are when I am enjoying being single with no one to worry about but myself!

It’s not long to go now, I am feeling uber excited to celebrate International Celebrate Being Single Day, #ICBSD, on Feb 14th. I founded International Celebrate Being Single Day in 2015, so that no single person has to ever feel alone on Valentine’s Day, instead they can CELEBRATE it as their special day too by self-dating, or meeting up with friends. Every year since 2015 I have had a self-date on that day and I love being single and celebrating my special day.

So what plans have you got for that day?

Whatever you decide to do, always stay ace

Sandra xx