How To Live Your Best life!! Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Shopping Spree Haul! 21st Mindset Birthday Celebration!

May 2, 2017
Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Birthday Special

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary for 21st Mindset Birthday celebration.

Some people will tell you what to do, they will tell you how to live your life and they will make you feel small, if you don’t comply. But you are not a robot, and you are not them. Live your life the way you want and live your dreams!!

My birth certificate age is not a true reflection of who I am. I like to live like a quirky teenage girl and love thinking, being and acting, like a now ’21 year old’. Last week I was at Disneyland Paris for my 21st Mindset Birthday. I wore a large 21st Birthday badge on my actual day of birth (24th of April), whilst going on the rides at both Disneyland and Walt Disney studio parks, that are at the same resort, and I only had two people question it. I spent 4 nights and 5 days at the resort, (2 nights in London), and I loved every minute of it. I was at total peace and at one with my soul there. I am an energetic, bubbly and lively girl, and a minority extrovert within the asexual community. So to be out and about with people around me, and experience the energy from the music, lights, and action of the rides, felt incredible!

21st Birthday Badge, for 21st Mindset Birthday Celebration.

21st Birthday Badge, for my 21st Mindset Birthday.

In order to live your best life you should:

  • Embrace your inner child and soul. Nourish it with things that make you feel great, that challenge you, and that allow you to express your true self – regardless of what anyone else will say, think, or do! #embraceyourquirky
  • Follow your own heart, dreams, passions and desires, and do not let what others think, stop you.
  • Do not let what others say, influence what you say.
  • Know your own mind and do not change it to suit your environment.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Yes, you really need to try new stuff, or how else do you expect to change any of your circumstances if you are not happy with them. (But that will be hard, I hear you say!! Yes, you are right!! So you had better start now!!) As children, we are lead to believe that things should be easy going and that you just fit into a normal existence and pattern of life, if you interrupt this pattern, then think what you could achieve? Instead of your ordinary, you can achieve your extraordinary!
  • Live your own life, on your own terms.
  • Be attracted to who you want, regardless of age, status, nationality, ethnicity or other. And don’t let anyone stop you from being with the one that you love and want to be with. So if you love someone, who other’s may not choose for you, remember, it is you who defines your life, not them, not ever – unless you allow them to!! Don’t be loser, be a winner, and get the real and true love that you want. You only have one life, so do not spend a moment, hiding in the shadows and fear of what others want for you. No matter what emotional pressure they put on you!! Be you, and go and get the person, lifestyle, business, friends, that you really want. And when you get good stuff some your way, appreciate it every day.
Toy Story bedroom at Disneyland Paris

Toy Story bedroom at Disneyland Paris

EuroDisney Castle!

Disneyland Paris Castle!

Check out my video – Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Shopping Spree Haul!!

Until next time, stay ace!!

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