Asexual Perspectives
Asexual Perspectives: 47 Asexual Stories: Love, Life and Sex, ACElebration of Asexual Diversity.

I get many asexuals asking me in private messages about various aspects of asexuality and there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding what makes a person asexual. It would seem that the more questions I get asked, the more I keep referring to my book, and it would seem that maybe people just don’t realise how much valuable information and advice there is within my Asexual Perspectives book, or that pretty much most questions can be answered by reading this book!

Asexual Perspectives is no ordinary Asexual book. It is made up of real asexuals, who tell their very own thoughts and intimate personal details to help you. It is written in their language, in their dialect, and it explains what asexuals really think about sexual attraction and what it means to them. It explains what they believe is the difference between sexual attraction and sexual desire, and the difference between sexual attraction and arousal. It explains how aromantics feel that friendship is not valued enough, and how hard it can be when all of your friends are pairing off and having a family. It explains asexuals views on masturbation, BDSM, kinks and porn, and whether they take part or not. This is a book that already assumes you are asexual, or have a good idea of what asexuality is. It gets down to the nitty gritty of what causes the confusion about being asexual, about other asexuals on the spectrum and is educational, informative and even entertaining in parts!! It deals with serious ace issues, in a way that is relatable, with doses of humour here and there.

I interviewed Asexuals from across the spectrum and living in various places around the globe. From teenagers to the more mature aces, the age range is as diverse as the book. I read the reviews of other Asexual books on Amazon, before I started writing this one. The criticism was, there was not enough real life asexual stories – asexuals telling their own experiences, thoughts and feelings, about ace matters, and how it personally affects them. I was prompted to write this book because I was told I could not identify as a heteroromantic, Grey A, on AVEN, because I was not the text book Grey A definition, because I did not experience sexual attraction! I am not the only one who has been told they cannot identify like they do!! So in my book I address this and redefine Grey A as I see it. This book has asexuals offering advice to other asexuals, it explains other’s mistakes, to help you not to make the same ones. It really is an ace book!!

For those of you who need lots of asexual questions answered – the answers are in this book!! This book took me almost a whole year to write, it is a big book, that pacts an ace punch, I hope you will learn as much about asexuality across the spectrum, as I did writing it!

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Until next time, stay ace!


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