First Ever ASEXUAL PERSPECTIVES AWARENESS MONTH #APAM: 1ST-31ST OF JULY 2017. ACElebration Of Asexual Diversity! Founded by Sandra Bellamy/Asexualise!

Ace Awareness Month
First Ever: ASEXUAL PERSPECTIVES AWARENESS MONTH #APAM JULY 1ST-JULY 31ST 2017! ACElebration Of Asexual Diversity!

In conjunction with the printed version of my Asexual Perspectives book being published in print, to celebrate our diversity across the asexual spectrum, and our individuality within it – A central core message from the book – I have founded Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month from 1st-31st of July 2017. (Please use #APAM in your Tweets and social media to join in the celebration.) Like and and follow me on Twitter, at to join in the celebration. There will be quotes from the book, fun challenges you will want to get involved in, videos, Facebook Lives, posts and more!! Also subscribe to to watch a new video every day for 31 days!

I love as I have made some great friends on there, I think it is an amazing community and I organise asexual meet-ups in my city of Exeter in the UK too. However, after being told in a forum thread  by a member of the community, that I could not identify as a heteroromantic Grey A – because I did not fit the Grey A definition as they saw it, I felt rejected and singled out by that individual, and other people said in a PM that they had had similar experiences. I thought this can’t be right, we should be celebrating our diversity across the spectrum and our individuality within it, not tearing each other apart – and this is what sparked the idea for my Asexual Perspectives book. I wanted to show just how wonderful our diverse spectrum is and get different points of views from across the spectrum, on love, life and sex, and to also bust through the many myths and stereotypes about asexuality, to give better understanding towards one another. (More recently, I even got told I could not identify as an asexual cougar by someone in my own Asexual Friends because they did not like the word cougar!!) I really hope this Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month, and this book, can bring us together more as a community!!

The printed version will be available to buy on Amazon next month 560 pages of acesomeness!! Here is the link to the Kindle version!

Asexual Perspectives
Asexual Perspectives: 47 Asexual Stories: Love, Life and Sex, ACElebration of Asexual Diversity.

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