Asexual Love: Asexual Dating Group – Got My Asexual Boyfriend: Asexual Soulmate!


So after being single for almost 6 years, and searching for my Asexual soulmate for over 3 years since 2014 on Asexual dating sites and , I finally found him in my own Asexualise Dating Facebook group, that is strictly READ MORE

Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month Playlist #APAM

In case you missed any of my Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month videos in July – here is the playlist for the whole 31 videos in the series. You will not be disappointed, they are really insightful and helpful in understanding READ MORE

Feeling Singled Out In The Asexual Community? We Should Celebrate Our Diversity! #APAM

Did you miss this?? #APAM Video One in my Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month series – A new video out every day for 31 days!! Don’t miss any more, SUBSCRIBE  Asexual Perspectives – Feeling Singled Out in the Asexual Community? We Should READ MORE

Asexual Perspectives Print Edition – More Book for Your Buck!

After painstaking months of working with the typesetter on my Asexual Perspectives book from January until around the end of March/beginning of April, and still having typesetting issues that needed to be sorted, and having spent another 3 nights last READ MORE

How To Live Your Best life!! Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Shopping Spree Haul! 21st Mindset Birthday Celebration!

Some people will tell you what to do, they will tell you how to live your life and they will make you feel small, if you don’t comply. But you are not a robot, and you are not them. Live READ MORE