First Ever ASEXUAL PERSPECTIVES AWARENESS MONTH #APAM: 1ST-31ST OF JULY 2017. ACElebration Of Asexual Diversity! Founded by Sandra Bellamy/Asexualise!

In conjunction with the printed version of my Asexual Perspectives book being published in print, to celebrate our diversity across the asexual spectrum, and our individuality within it – A central core message from the book – I have founded Asexual Perspectives Awareness Month from 1st-31st of July 2017. (Please Read More

Asexual Perspectives Print Edition – More Book for Your Buck!

After painstaking months of working with the typesetter on my Asexual Perspectives book from January until around the end of March/beginning of April, and still having typesetting issues that needed to be sorted, and having spent another 3 nights last week, working on all those issues, I am relieved that Read More

Asexual Perspectives Book Print Edition – OUT SOON!

It took my about a year to write, interview for, and edit, my Asexual Perspectives book Kindle edition. This was a triumph in itself, but many of you have wanted to read it as a printed physical book for so long. So I am pleased to say that it will Read More


CONTROL/EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL/MANIPULATION – SIGNS TO WATCH OUT FOR! However much you may love someone or have strong feelings for them, don’t put up with emotional blackmail. In this video I explain what happened to me and some of the signs of control, emotional blackmail, and manipulation, that I experienced recently. Read More

10 Reasons Why Asexuals Are Beautiful!

1) Asexuals usually hold friendships in high regard, so you will feel valued if they are your friend. 2) Asexuals will focus on getting to know the inner you, so you will feel you are important to them. 3) Asexuals see the world in a way that other’s don’t, and Read More