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Meet Asexuals with The first community for asexual people. Date an asexual, meet friends in the asexual community and find a platonic partner. Build a platonic relationship.

If you want to date other asexuals try – It is free to join and create a profile and I believe it is free to use the chat feature but not to send direct messages, you can put your email address, Skype etc, in the description details but otherwise it costs about $15 for the year which is quite reasonable for the upkeep of the site. I have found that people on the site talk far more in the groups for longer periods of time than on an individual basis that tends to fizzle out. I like the look of the site and it is still helpful to know there are other aces out there and to have the opportunity to connect with them. I joined when the site had less than 5,000 members, now it has almost 25,000!! And therefore I am a premium member and do not have to pay for membership – lucky me!☺

Source: Asexualitic – Meet Asexual People – Platonic relationship – Asexuality

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