Asexual Perspectives Print Edition – More Book for Your Buck!

After painstaking months of working with the typesetter on my Asexual Perspectives book from January until around the end of March/beginning of April, and still having typesetting issues that needed to be sorted, and having spent another 3 nights last week, working on all those issues, I am relieved that I could finally print this final 560 page book proof, before I order a copy to check from Amazon, so I can finally hit the publish button to the world. Not long to go now… I cannot wait to hold this book in my hand!!

I must have edited it well over 15 times, considering all the editing I did prior to the typesetting, and it has gone through a final proof read and edit these past two days, and I am doing the typing up of those as we speak. I love writing but all the book formatting stuff is tough!!

Making a full-time living out of writing, is my dream, and my hugest passion is for asexuality, I really want to write more books for asexuals, as this is my huge specialist niche and I truly believe that I am born to get asexuality recognised as a sexual orientation in its own right throughout the globe, so that no asexual have to live in fear of ridicule ever again. The more people who buy, share, like, and give good reviews for this Asexual Perspectives book, the more that will help with this. I really need more amazing reviews, so when you get a copy, please could you leave one? It will really help me out!! Thank you!!

With 560 pages of insights into asexuality and how asexuals survive in a sexualised world; how they manage their relationships, and busting through many asexual myths and stereotypes about love, live and sex; including arousal and masturbation, it will be an intriguing read and answer many questions you may have about asexuality that are constantly on your mind, causing you confusion and frustration! It is told in the voices of 46 different asexuals around the globe, using their own language, dialects, slang and mannerisms! As well as my own. It took me almost a year to interview for it; write/edit it, so you are getting more book for your buck!! It is not only educational, but humorous too!!

Until next time, check out the Kindle Version and stay ace! xx



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