This site provides products, resources and services for asexuals.


Wihin this site you will find my own Asexualise products (T-Shirts for example) and links to those made by other designers/manufacturers. When you click on the buy product button, you will be redirected to the site that is taking payment and fufiling the order.

If you see a shopping cart in the top right corner of your screen, it is because I have the facility to sell my own products directly from within this site and I am currently in discussions with a manufacturer about that. However, as I don’t currently do that, at the moment it is disabled but still visible.

I use and to print and supply Asexualise products, and they deal with all returns, customer service and after care. Prices will vary between these, because they use different suppliers. Other designers/manufacturers may use these or do otherwise, and I cannot be held responsible for the quality or service of their product – see Disclaimer. If however you have a problem with quality and think it shouldn’t be on this site, I can review it and delete it if neccessary. I have tried to include various priced products and therefore quality will also undoubtedly vary.


Resources are in the form of:

Blog posts.
Information about my own experiences and those of others.
Links to other Ace YouTubers, Facebookers and Tweeters.
Links to other sites which I think may be helpful, informative and interesting.

Opinions and attitudes will vary about asexuality even within the asexual community, and we must embrace each others differences, or choose to not have those people in our life or not pay any attention to them. I cannot be responsible for the content of third parties and don’t vet everything they do, including the Forums. So if you feel there is an issue with an individual or company I link to, or that others link to in the forums, please bear this in mind. However, if you feel there is a problem I should know about, you can contact me and I will look into it. Your safety is important to me. If you need an urgent response it’s best to message me via


You need to be a registered user to participate in the forums and create your own topics within them. You can save topics as your favourites to come back to later.


The services I provide myself and the cost may be a flat rate or vary depending on the job itself, the time it took to fulfil it and it’s own nature. If you require a custom service or have any other enquiry, please contact me. If I cannot meet your requirements alone; I may refer you to; or use, a third party, that I may or may not be compensated for.


If you have ideas for any products, resources or services, that you feel should be included on this site, please get in touch. After all, this site is about enhancing and empowering YOUR asexual life.