Hi my fellow asexual, how are you?

My mission is to spread awareness of asexuality around the globe and to get it recognised as a sexual orientation in its own right across the world; so that no asexuals ever have to live in fear of ridicule, ever again.

Asexual supporters are welcome on this site as well as those who are learning and want to know more about asexuality.

Sandra Bellamy In Her I ACED IT! Asexualise Asexual T Shirt
This is me (Sandra Bellamy), proud asexual, wearing my I ACED IT! Asexualise Asexual T Shirt.

I created this site especially for asexuals, to enhance and empower your asexual life.

Within this site you will find my own designed Asexualise Asexual T Shirts that can be purchased through this site from Amazon.com, who I am working in ‘partnership’ with in the sense they are printing, packaging and posting these Tees directly to you. If you live in the UK, don’t worry, Asexualise can now be found at www.redbubble.com/people/asexualise, with more choice of product designs and colours. Redbubble Ship to both to UK, USA, and all over! You can get hoodies, leggings, laptop cases, phone cases, stickers and so much more – in Asexualise designs. Prices may vary between both sites because Redbubble uses different suppliers.

Because I design these from scratch and own the copyright; if there is a particular design you would like to see; don’t hesitate to let me know. I can’t breach copyright; if it’s a design by someone else, I can’t copy it; but I can hopefully create a new design based on a similar theme or expression.

On this site you will also find links to other ace merchandise and to aces on YouTube, Twitter and in Facebook groups.

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If you haven’t got yourself a copy of my Asexual Perspectives book yet, be sure to check out my book page here!

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I also own World Of Quirky that houses all my quirky businesses and there are a lot, including Asexualise. My education hub is called Quirky Academy, in which I create products and provide services to enhance and empower the lives of others, both personally and professionally, all the while embracing their quirky. ‘Embrace Your Quirky’ is my own philosophy that I created to overcome depression in 2012, that is all about being your authentic, individual self, and true to who you are; regardless of what anyone else says, thinks, and does. This philosophy underpins all of my life and http://www.worldofquirky.com businesses and therefore I am my brands and they are me. So on social media one minute you will see me talking about asexuality, another time you might find me talking about how to break through your barriers or how to have a guinea pig party – I am known as QUIRKY!

So besides writing non-fiction books about asexuality; I also intend creating training and coaching programmes for asexuals; such as how to be confident and comfortable about your asexuality. I will also introduce you to some books, training and coaching programmes, that are not specifically for asexuals but may be of benefit to you, or may interest you. Such as my new Power of One coaching and training programme; about how to be happy being single and create a life that makes you feel amazing. It’s due to be launched in the latter half of this year. If you are interested in knowing more about this; you can email me [email protected]

It’s been great chatting with you, keep embracing your quirky and speak soon; catch you later!