10 Reasons Why Asexuals Are Beautiful!

May 14, 2017

1) Asexuals usually hold friendships in high regard, so you will feel valued if they are your friend.

2) Asexuals will focus on getting to know the inner you, so you will feel you are important to them.

3) Asexuals see the world in a way that other’s don’t, and that is a special gift.

4) Asexuals often like to keep busy with various activities and hobbies, which makes conversation with them, interesting and stimulating.

5) If an asexual invites you out for coffee to get to know you, they literally mean what they say, and they are not trying to get into your underwear!!

6) Asexuals will not be trying to constantly impress you based on their looks, so you want sex with them; as they ususually don’t want sex and don’t ‘need’ it.

7) Asexuals are often different and quirky, and therefore make interesting characters.

8) Asexuals know what it feels like to be in a minority, so are often empathetic to others who feel alone or singled out.

9) Many asexuals are kind; caring and friendly, and value those who share those traits.

10) Many asexuals are strong and tough, because they have often come up against resistance to being different.

What other things make asexuals beautiful? Share in the comments below and stay ace xx.

2 commnets on “10 Reasons Why Asexuals Are Beautiful!

  1. Reeen says:

    This is my personal observation that mostly Asexual people have innocent look on their faces & thus it can be assumed that they are trustworthy & genuine people.

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